Monday, September 12, 2011

Caring People..

They say :”people may forget what u say or what u do to them But they will never forget how u make them feel “I believe it for some people, but it seems that there are some people that don’t care also for how people make them feel, they just don’t care for anything!!!

What is strange here ,is that SOME people tend to CARE for the ones who DON’T care for them (or in other words who don’t care much for them)and the Ones who care for them the most ,they just deal with them like any other people they know or may be even less !!!!

What is also more strange, is that when someone cares too much (or not too much but at least with a great extent) at First, when u r just beginning to be friends, or just beginning to know each other and after a while ,After one year or something of knowing each other, many things simply changes and the caring also changes and the talking too. Although,I think that the OPPOSITE totally was supposed to Happen. At Least that is Logical huh?!!!

They Question is WHY?!!!! Why people start to care less after sometime?? (Let’s make it smaller and say why Friends start to care less after sometime?!!) Do they become afraid of being comitted??

For example, if a friendship is between a boy and a girl, and they were good friends at first then after some time, it’s all changed. One of them starts to care less and talk less and don’t find words to say when they are together. Why is that??? IS somebody afraid here that this caring will convert into love or something or that person is not ready to be comitted to someone?!! May be!!Or May be someone gets bored from the other?!! U never know!!

SO, what will u do if u were in that girl’s or that boy’s shoes?!! The one who her/his friend get bored of her and care less and talk less. Do u just accept that fact and start to care less as well?!! Or u continue Caring as u used to? May be he shall recognize that and recognize the difference between your caring and other peoples caring. People are really strange to understand. I think even if u r 100 years old, U will not be able to understand how or why people act like that?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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